As a kid, our founder Clovis Young, grew up in California and had family holidays in Baja, California - a peninsula on the western side of Mexico - pronounced Ba-Ha. After a big holiday surfing, he and his buddies would re-fuel with Carne Asada and Guacamole Burritos.  These early Mexican food experiences were a revelation.  How could this food taste so good, every time? The secret was in using the freshest ingredients, authentic Mexican spices that delivered big, bold flavours, low fat recipes and cooking techniques.  This style of Mexican food is known as Baja-Mexican, where the bold flavours of Mexico are blended with the health conscious cuisine of California.

During visits to his family in Australia, Clovis realised that there was a niche in the market and with a passion for Baja-Style Mexican food, Clovis sold his Florida home, relocated to Australia and started the first Mad Mex Australia store in Darlinghurst, Sydney in 2007.  Since then Mad Mex has over 60 stores and opening new locations every year.  

With the popularity of Mad Mex bore the extension of the business into a more relaxed, family dining restaurant with the launch of Cantina de Mad Mex.  Imagine for a moment...the Baja beach at night; lights strung up between the palm trees, simple chairs and tables but the best food you've ever tasted after a hard day in the sun & surf. Sit back with a margarita and tell stories about 'that bitchin' barrel".  That's the environment that we're emulating. We're all about simple, good quality Mexican food in a casual, relaxed dining environment and we want you to enjoy good times at our restaurant with your friends and family.